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Our history

Handmade candles and waxes since 1855

The beginning

Cereria Ronca started its production in 1855 and began a pioneering activity in the production of candles and waxes, with a wonderful laboratory in Via Tommaso Gar in Trento.

Our values

Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

Cereria Ronca is a flagship of the finest and most traditional Italian craftsmanship. For our clients, the “Made in Italy” brand is not only a guarantee of beauty, quality, and research, but also an authentic life and work style.

We have selected our employees with great care, have trained them, and guarantee them continued and frequent updates. The selection of raw materials is also precise and meticulous: we work exclusively with high-quality raw materials to get an outstanding final product.

The production of our workshop complies with the European regulations on human health and the environment.

Our values


Throughout the production process of our candles, from the choice of materials to the sale, we pay significant attention to the environment and human health. In the workshop, we exclusively use refined paraffin (without benzene content) and unleaded wicks, as reported by the European regulations for the sector.

Since 2008, Cereria Ronca has been using a solar power system that self-produces all the electricity needed for the production. The 100kW system, placed on the top of the production building, generates electricity in an environmentally friendly way and avoids the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere by about 75 tons per year.